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See answers to frequently asked questions on the application process, income guidelines and eligibility.

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How long does it take to get an apartment at Westview?

The answer to this question depends on a number of things such as how many applicants are on the waiting list, upcoming move outs, and the return of all verification forms and necessary documents to complete the application process.


How long is the waiting list?

There are three lists;  two bedroom, three bedroom, and four bedroom units. The wait period for can be from 15 days to 2 years.  The time period will vary because it depends on the number of move outs and how the waiting list goes. 

What is the process?

Upon receipt of the preliminary application, we will review your information and place your name on our waiting list.  You will be asked to complete a more detailed application, as openings occur.  There still could be a wait, as the paperwork needs to be processed and openings to occur.  We fill all openings on a strictly first-come first- serve bases. 

What are the income eligibility guidelines?

Income eligibility is determined by family size. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the current
Summary of Income Limits for Lawrence County, PA

How much will I pay for rent and security deposit?

Rent and security deposit are calculated according to HUD rules. The security deposit is approximately 30% of your adjusted monthly income (minimum of $50) and your monthly rent will be approximately 30% of your adjusted monthly income less a utility allowance.

For more information see HUD’s Fact Sheet – How your rent is determined

What utilities are included?

Water, sewage, and trash are included. Tenants are responsible to set up and maintain an account with the electric (West Penn Power) company.

What is the initial lease term?

The initial lease term is for no less than one year. After the end of the initial lease term, the lease will run from month to month.

What type of background checks are used during the tenant selection process?

We do thorough background checks which includes landlord, criminal, and credit and we may request character references. 

What is the pet policy?

Cats and dogs are not permitted. Please do not even submit an application if this is not acceptable. It will just cause problems for you. Only up to two total gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and domesticated birds kept in clean cage inside the unit at all times, and one fish aquarium (not to exceed 10 gallons) are permitted. Special accommodation for disabled individuals is the only exception to this rule.

What if I currently live in subsidized housing, can I still apply?

Yes, however before you can move into a unit, you must properly terminate your housing according to your current lease terms and return all keys. On your application you must let us know that you are currently receiving rental subsidy at another development so that we can properly bill for the subsidy you will receive at Westview. In addition, we will still do all of our own background checks.

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